Tights are one of the most feminine accessories you can wear with your skirt and dress. For your daily walk or for a formal night out, they are the right choice to give the ideal style to your appearance, captivating the eyes of those around you.


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Tights FAQs

Denier is a unit of measurement of the thickness of the tights. So, tights which are 10den are much more thin than a 40 or 70den tights.
It’s better to hand wash your tights if you want them to last longer but if you want to sacrifice a part of their endurance for your convenience, you can put them inside a man sock in the washing machine at 30C maximum.
Of course, you can air dry your tights if it’s not windy because there’s a possibility of a thread pull but you should pay attention to hang them from the elastic band, in a shady place so the color won’t fade. Also, keep in mind that you should never put them directly on the radiator as itself elastic thread will be burned.
First, you take it out of the envelope, it's a good idea to stretch it 2-3 times with your hands, so it takes it’s elasticity, thus reducing the possibility of tearing by one of your fingers while you wear it. Then, you can follow the instructions that you will found inside the envelopes. If you want more details, you can follow the following steps:
    1. Remove all jewellery from your hands, wet and wipe lightly your hands to remain semi-wet. Pass your thumbs inside the leg and wrap it with your fingers along its entire length up to the toe.
    2. Put on the toe of the tights on your foot and with a uniform and concurrent movement of both hands, unfold the tights upwards up to knee. Repeat for the other leg.
    3. Pay attention to pull up well so as to avoid condensation of tights on your ankle, calf and knee areas.
    4. Continue to unroll and pull up the tights gently and gradually along the thighs, up to the hips and then up to the waist. Stretch your tights up using your wet palms with upward caress movements up to crotch.
At the back of each package there is a size table. Vertical is the height and horizontal is the weight. Find your height and draw mentally a perpendicular line. Then your draw mentally a perpendicular line to the line which is your weight. The meeting point of this two lines shows your size.
In the grey-black category from the darkest to the lightest colors we have the Black (Ne-ro), Off Black, Londra, Graphite (Grafite), Anthracite, dark Grey, Fumo, Silver, Sliva, Steel, Grey (Grigio), Gray pearl (Grigio Perla). In the brown category (skin color) we have from the darkest to the lightest the colors, Brown (Marrone), Bronze, Chocolate (Marrone cioccolato), Camelo, Castagna, Castoro, Beige, Pepper, Neutro, Tropical, Daino, Melon, Naturelle, Miele, Sahara, Visage, Avorio, Cream.
They are innovative threads from a new material, which has the advantage of absorbing sweat and drying very quickly, allowing the body to breathe. Therefore, microfibre tights prevent bacteria to be generated, reduces the smell and the sweat feeling. In addition, microfibers are elastic threads with a soft feeling.
We choose our tights according to our dress style (e.g. fashion tights can be worn with a casual or black tie dress code) and according to the colors of the clothes: for example you can either match colorful tights with your T-Shirt, or your black T-Shirt and skirt with bright purple, red, or colorful tights.
The gusset is a piece of fabric, usually cotton or antibacterial, which is sewn at the meet-ing point l of legs and panty and prevent the tights from tearing when you wear it. The double crotch is a much larger piece of fabric that is sewn separately to the panty for plus size numbers.
The answer is no. There are also summer tights which are absorb sweat and dry very quickly so they don’t allow clothes to stick into your body.
Since the point isn't obvious, I can put a nail varnish at the point where the pull threads stop.
Yes, of course! So, you can wear them with all your clothes.
Gradual compassion tights pressures the lower part of the leg, which decreases as it goes in the upper part of the leg, and helps blood and lymph circulation.
Yes, this is happening because of their reinforcement panty which is made from thicker and more elastic threads which work like the old latex ones, and they sculpt your body.
Yes, because they are made from better quality first materials so, they can be softer, or have a better way of knitting) and fit much better on the foot, etc
Yes! There are tights which have skin colored point and their seam is placed under your feet. Also, there are tights with anti slip gels.
Not exactly but tights which have been made two or three years ago may have a damaged elastic band. Also, the storage conditions of the tights play an important role. For exam-ple, tights which are exposed to the sun are faded. Also, if tights are drying on a radiator can be ruined in five minutes.
    1. First of all, you should choose high quality tights: The most common mistake of many women is that they buy poor quality tights because they don't want to spend a lot of money on something that will tear sooner or later. However, you should think a little bit about it, as good quality tights are much more durable and able to stretch than a poor quality one. So, it would be better to choose slightly more expensive tights that you will wear ten times, than a less expensive that you will wear once as it’s not ten times cheaper so it will be worth it.
    2. Correct size: it’s better to buy bigger tights than smaller because in this way you can avoid tearing.
    3. Take care of your nails: It maybe seems funny but if you are careless you can tear very easily your tights.
    4. Hand wash them with cold water: tights (especially skin colored) should be hand washed with cold water in this way their fibers harden and do not tear easily. Ideally, you can put your new tights in the freezer for a while.
    5. Fixing Hairspray: Fixing hairspray isn't just only for hair! Tights usually tear on the toes, so you can spray this area with it or even the whole tights. Its durability will surprise you!
    6. Tights with 3D, which means there is more stretchy yarn when knitting which makes them much more durable!
Yes! In the winter tights keep us warm. From the other hand, there are also summer tights which absorb the sweat and the most important thing is that they give a tanning effect in our legs.
Of course there are. Not only they hide cellulite but also fights against it. A new technology thread with it’s special constructed knit is doing massage and enhances blood circulation which, contributes to smooth and eliminate cellulite while, toning and tightening the skin. (51% better thermoregulation and 92% higher circulation). Wear it for 30 consecutive days for at least 6hours and you will definitely see your cellulite significantly reduced.
There are very thin tights (5 denier) which offer a matte and smooth look. All you have to do is choose the right hue.
Fishnet tights will be always in fashion. As you can either use them for your sexy looks of for your street style looks. For example, under your ripped jeans, over skin- colored tights which cover the imperfections and keep you warm while fishnet tights make you more stylish without tearing, under highweisted trousers with a crop top or fishnet socks with trainers. Choose whatever is closer to your personal style and you will be the ultimate stylish idol.
There’s one way to stop the stick using a beauty item you probably already have on-hand: hairspray. Grab some it from your at-home styling station and add a quick spritz up and down your tights. For sure, it may sound strange, but it gets the job done.
Black tights won’t only give a twist even in the most classic look but it will keep you warm. You can mach it with a mini skirt or dress, a trouser even with a hot shorts and you’ll design a cozy, modern and sexy look in no time!
Black dress is always the best choice from morning till midnight. Some tips that can help you:
    - Choose skin-colored tights which give the impression of smoother skin and emphasize legs
    - Tanning tights. They look great and give a mystery effect.
    - With thin dress it’s better to choose tights without seams.
    - For professional looks it’s better to choose simpler, quiet tights without many patterns.
    - Tights with vertical patterns elongate the legs.
    - For casual looks you can wear your black dress with colorful tights in order to make a fashion statement.
First of all, I’ll give you a tip: when you buy thin tights you should definitely buy 2. In case of an emergency you should know that tights can’t be sewn but you can cover the tire with a transparent nail polish. Then, you take a hairdryer and you wait until it hardens.
It’s better not to try this in very thin tights because the chances are that you will eventually ruin it but generally you can use a tiny scissor or a seam ripper to make horizontal slashes.
You had better choose 3D tights which means that they have more elastic thread so they offer more durability and don’t tear easily.
Of course, actually they are produced in the same machines. They don’t have side seams and they higher the denier, the thicker it is.
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