Product Returns


Your first return is free of charge, as far as courier expenses are concerned since they will be charged on IDER SA company.  (this is valid for orders in the Greek territory).

Transportation costs from returns outside Greece burdens the client and not the company IDER SA.


The courier companies we collaborate with are ONLY BoxNow (BoxNow Lockers), Speedex (Speedex Points) and Geniki Taxydromiki (Geniki Points) in order to enjoy free 1st return.  If you wish to use another courier company you should pay the shipping expenses by yourselves. 

If you have received your order with BoxNow and wish to make a return, write down on the package the 10-digit number of voucher or glue the initial voucher on your package (if you haven’t it anymore contact us to send it again).

*If you haven’t received your package with BoxNow but you wish to make the return using BoxNow Lockers, then contact us to issue for you a voucher. 

Then take your package at any BoxNow Locker of your choice, type on the keyboard the 10-digit number of the voucher and a locker will open for you to put in your package, close the locker and you are ready.

If you wish to return using Speedex or Geniki Taxydromiki, then deliver your package at the closest to you point of their service. 


Make sure that the product/s you want to return is/are adequately protected during transportation. 

Please send back all items in excellent condition, in their original packaging including tags, not used, spoiled or damaged. 

Please note down all the items you want to return on the return slip, including the reason for their return, the new items you want to receive back, address information, or all required information in case of refund.  Please place the return slip together with the items to be returned into the package.

We hope that you have received your order to your full satisfaction.  If any item should not fully meet your expectations, you can simply return the item to us within ten (10) calendar days from the date of delivery

In case of refund, we need to clarify that we reimburse only the value of the goods, meaning that from the total value of the receipt any transportation and/or cash on delivery costs are deducted in case of full order refund.

Refunds are based on how your payment has been made: 

  • By crediting your credit/debit card
  • By refunding to your PayPal account
  • By reimbursing you via bank transfer to your account

The shipping address of the returned parcel should be:




TEL.: 210 8141739


Important Note

From the moment you deliver your parcel to the courier company, it takes 1-3 working days to be received by IDER company and change process to proceed.  After completing this process, it again takes 1-3 working days to receive the package with the new product/s.  (Transportation duration depends mainly on delivery location).


Finally, the IDER company reserves the right to abolish or modify its return policy, at any time by publishing the relevant new terms and condition at

Download the RETURN SLIP

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